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Woofing (n.) The canine command-and-control language that men use to self-organize. As in the common female complaint, "he's Woofing, instead of listening to me".

Woofing carries minimal information content and is mainly about the assertion of power. While volume matters, the loud woof of one dog is less significant than the low rumble from the leader of a large dog pack. Woofing is a simple language with only three principle concepts: "do!", "go!", and "look!"

Male social status is entirely based on the size of the pack they can build through well-timed Woofing.

One of the striking features of human society is the utter incompatibility between Bitchtorrent and Woofing. Females understand Woofing from a very young age, but find the language offensive and degrading except in the special case of dominant female speaking to male. Most men find women who speak Woofing to be intimidating.

Many males can speak a trivial version of Bitchtorrent in emulation mode but find it strenous and pointless, unless there is sex within a certain period, the length of which depends on the female's attractiveness and availability. More typically, the female attempts to open a Bitchtorrent channel in order to establish a peering relationship with the male, and the male responds in Woofing, leaving both parties confused and unhappy, the male providing a flat zero bits per second transfer rate, and the female neither doing, going, nor looking.

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