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Democracy (n.) An imaginary form of government in which the will of the people is expressed through a series of so-called "elections".

Democracy is perhaps best captured by the t-shirt slogan, "Don't forget to vote! Next time we promise to count." In the best case, the elected leader will be the most popular sociopath. In the worst case, it will be the sociopath best at making the other sociopaths even less popular and/or disappear. The one positive aspect of democracy is that it does pit the sociopaths against each other, thus leading to ideal states like Belgium, which, with seven governments, at least three of which are in crisis at any time, ensures full employment for all politically-minded criminals and gangsters.

In the United States, "democracy" is comparable to a sports event with two (never more!) teams, cheerleaders, music, flags, and lots of beer. US "democracy" is not an intellectual exercise. Each team attempts to get the highest score, the winner gets control over the world's most powerful army and secret services for four years, and the right to steal as many dollars as they can transfer to off-shore bank accounts through fraudulent contracts with their friends' companies. The highest score is calculated by who makes the most wounding, and creative insults. It's like two groups of gangsters playing "yo mama is so fat…" to decide who gets control of the ghetto.

Historically, the United States has made a habit of exporting its "democracy" to other countries, usually through destructive, and highly profitable, wars. A state of permanent war forms a large part of the "democratic process".

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