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Blue-egging (v.) Refers to a form of obsessive behaviour wherein technically-oriented people will focus on solving unnecessarily complex technical problems for no real reason, and in favor of real work.

There is a small seabird that nests in colonies off the Galapagos islands. The bird prefers larger eggs with a bluish tinge and small black dots, which signify a strong mineral-rich shell and a healthy chick inside. When offered an egg that is ten times too large, and coloured deep blue with large black dots, the unfortunate bird will abandon its real eggs for the fake one. This effect is called "super-stimulus" by psychologists and it affects many, perhaps most species. Examples of super-stimulae in humans include cookies, hamburgers, porn, vodka, and silicon breasts.

A typical example of blue-egging would be a programmer who responds to the question, "when will my new web site be ready?" with "I just need to re-install Linux and optimise my network drivers first". One of the key features of a successful high-technology team is their ability to resist super-stimulae, for example by repeating the incantation, "All Technology Is Crap".

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