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Female Orgasm

Female orgasm (n.) During sexual intercourse, an unfakeable indicator that the male is capable of giving women intense pleasure. (05 Jan 2010 15:21)


Diary (n.) A type of virtual Bitchtorrent peer invented by a frustrated teenage girl. (20 May 2009 08:06)


Woofing (n.) The canine command-and-control language that men use to self-organize. As in the common female complaint, "he's Woofing, instead of listening to me". (20 May 2009 08:05)


Bitchtorrent (n.) The peer-to-peer protocol that women use to exchange information, more politely called "bluetoothing". (20 May 2009 08:01)


Gangster (n.): A rich boyfriend, but a poor husband. (17 May 2009 11:42)


Girlfriend (n.): a female companion that young men must acquire by fifteen to avoid strange looks. (17 May 2009 11:41)


Boyfriend (n.): banned, tolerated, accepted, and finally embarrassing. (17 May 2009 11:40)


Male (adj.) That gender destined to ultimately be replaced by a computer program. (03 May 2009 08:02)


Gods (n.) Modern thinkers recognize four principal saints: Darwin, saint of the necessary accident; Newton, saint of necessary accidents involving motorbikes and fast cars; Streisand, saint of the freedom of speech, and Sturgeon, saint of life mostly sucking. (26 Mar 2009 22:40)


Promises (n). "I love you", "Your check is in the post", "I'll call you", and finally "I promise not to sue you". (26 Mar 2009 17:40)

Open Source

Open source (n.) A form of software written cheaply by young often unpaid programmers, packaged by large businesses, safely patented for its own defence, and then sold at significant profit to major firms, in the form of "support licenses". (26 Mar 2009 15:32)


State (n.) Generally, "the State" refers to a ruling national authority. (16 Jan 2009 20:29)


Bush-whacked (adj.) Severely damaged due to malign larceny disguised as incompetence. Also, "Bushed". (16 Jan 2009 19:18)


Recession (n.) A shocking, sudden collapse in economic activity after only years of clear warning signs. (18 Oct 2008 11:26)


Darwin (n.) One of the two gods of survival along with Newton. (18 Oct 2008 11:21)


Burnout (n.) A post-traumatic stress disorder caused by excessive investment in an imbalanced project. (09 Oct 2008 18:39)


Mathematician (n.) A kind of programmer who never makes mistakes, so needs no computer. (29 Sep 2008 14:57)


Theory (n.) An analysis that can never be entirely right, but can be entirely wrong. (29 Sep 2008 14:54)

Housing Market

Housing Market (n.) The only market where governments deliberately create inflation. (28 Sep 2008 11:43)


Oil (n.) The remains of ancient bacteria, conveniently liquefied and converted to pure combustible hydrocarbons. (28 Sep 2008 11:32)

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