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Beauty: Beauty (n.). In women, an aspect that makes them socially mobile. In objects, high levels of useful functionality, relative to the observer's needs.

A concentration of beautiful women in any one place is a consequence of social inequality in the surrounding regions. A man drives his car down a country lane and slows down for a hitch-hiker. She is a young woman, unattractive and clumsy. He accelerates and drives on. Beauty gets women favours from men, makes them physically and socially mobile, takes them away from the barren countryside to the cities, to power, money, and pretty things.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone is a critic. A beautiful landscape is one that suits our ancestral human needs for space, protection, control. A beautiful car is one that carries us rapidly, safely, and with style - for cars are like the peacock's feathers, more a demonstration of the ability to waste, than utilitarian tools. A beautiful cathedral likewise is one that shows a pure elegance of waste. And a beautiful woman is, in every society, one with specific age and lifestyle indicators that correlate to "fertile, young, and available" (in the male eye) and "younger and more fertile than me" (in the adult female eye). Insofar as both these indicators and the eye for them are constant in all human groups, the criteria for human beauty can be considered universal.

  • Ethnic food: Ethnic food (n.) Food eaten by relatively poorer people who are either immigrants or the descendants of slaves. Can be contrasted with "haut cuisine", which means "food eaten by expatriates". [culture fashion food]
  • Ethnic: Ethnic (adj.) A label applied to a foreigner as a kind of politically correct racism. [culture]
  • Economics: Economics (n.) An attempt to explain the world in large or small in terms of the physics of money. [economics]
  • Copyright: Copyright (n.) An ancient form of property protection invented by medieval monks to prevent people from copying their hand-written books. In modern times, copyright is what you infringe when you use the Internet. [economics internet mind]
  • Consciousness: Consciousness (n.) That part of the mind that thinks it is in charge, and convinces other minds that there is someone home, and the lights are on, while the rest of the mind gets on with the real work of doing everything. [confusion mind]
  • Compromise: Compromise (n.) That satisfactory state of affairs whereby the weaker party has sensibly agreed to the demands of the stronger. The ideal compromise involves giving nothing and getting everything. [violence]
  • Collective intelligence: Collective intelligence (n.) A tautological nomenclature that falsely suggests there are other kinds of intelligence. [mind society truth]
  • Clickfraud: Clickfraud (v., n.) Refers both to the act of, and the person who commits the act of, dropping names and references in email, without explanation, knowing that readers will have to use Google and/or Wikipedia to understand. [confusion troll]
  • Blue-egging: Blue-egging (v.) Refers to a form of obsessive behaviour wherein technically-oriented people will focus on solving unnecessarily complex technical problems for no real reason, and in favor of real work. [communications male pr0n]
  • Beer: Beer (n.). A mildly alcoholic beverage invented by adult male humans in historical times when they got tired of eating moldy bread. [female male sex]
  • Baldness: Baldness (adj.) The loss of hair on the aged male head, signifying advanced age and corresponding wisdom, specifically to younger males. Premature balding is a mimicry by younger, smarter males of their older peers for the sake of gaining political power earlier. [hair male marketing power]
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