Welcome to this site

Welcome to your new Digistan microsite

This is your new Digistan microsite. Welcome, relax. The site is organized into categories ("wiki:", "news:", etc.) and each category does a certain job. Each category has a live template which controls how pages in that category are shown.

The overall format of pages is two columns, with main content in the middle and further options and useful stuff in the right column.

We navigate the site in several ways:

  1. Using direct links to [[[category:pagename]]].
  2. Using lists of pages in particular categories (such as news), produced by the ListPages module, your new best friend in Wikidot.
  3. Using tag clouds for particular categories (such as wiki), produced by the TagCloud module.
  4. Using a combination of ListPages and selection by tags.

We create new content in several ways:

  1. Making a direct link in one page to [[[category:pagename]]] and then clicking on that link and creating the (not yet existing) page.
  2. Using the NewPage module to create a page directly.
  3. Entering the page name on the URL and then clicking 'Create'.

Some editorial notes:

  1. We hide page titles for CSS reasons, so repeat the page title as a H1 (+ Page title)
  2. Use H2 and on in the content (++, +++) but not H1
  3. The '====' line indicates sections in the content, needed in some templates to separate left/right columns or header/body.
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Welcome to this site

(06 Jun 2008 19:09) Welcome to your new Digistan microsite. This news story has more information for you. When you've read it and understood it, you can remove the 'public' tag so it disappears from the main page, or you can simply delete it.